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Flexitarian – It’s a Thing and It’s for Me

So let’s just be real and call it what it is – flexitarian. It’s a real thing. And it is what I practice. I try to be vegan and I mostly don’t eat animal products but when mother nature calls and that special time of month rolls around my body screams for some prime rib steaks, roast beef and provolone sandwiches, or salmon nigiri. I can’t help it. And normally I can push the craving off for about a week but by the time day 7 hits, I just can’t resist it anymore. I crack. I have the steak or the sammy or the sushi. But then I’m over it. I just needed my fix. The next day is back to normal.

I allow myself this once a month cheat. Nothing more, nothing less. If I allow anything more, then I will eventually return to my carnivorous ways and eat animal product for basically every meal. If I do less than once a month, then you definitely don’t want to be on the receiving end of my grumpiness. Simple as that. Some people question my will power, but I consider it knowing my limits and expectations. I set certain limitations and expectations that are reasonable and yet still challenging for me. All while trying to become a healthier me.

Everyone is different. I have friends that allow themselves to cheat once a week or all weekend. That doesn’t work for me. It is too often that Mondays and Fridays would soon run into weekends as well which eventually leads to cheating every day. I need to have enough time in between cheats to actually want to eat bad before doing it.

Whatever you chose to do, just make sure it fits you and your lifestyle. Cheating is important. If not for anything, for your sanity. But it allows your body to get thrown off in a sense, forcing it to work hard to bounce back from your cheat. And most importantly, make sure it fits with your progress and goals. Set your pace and be comfortable with it. All up to you. Just find what works and stick to it.

I suspect I’ll be a flexitarian for a while. It works for me. I enjoy the progress pace. And I’m happy with my results. And I’m happy with my health. Guess we will see what happens.

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